Hi guys! I would love to work with you! Please read through and see what type of service I can provide you with and fill in the contact from. I will get in touch with you as soon as I can! or email me at Healysutra@gmail.com

Services I provide are below :

Recipe development

I would love to create delicious and healthy recipes for you! Im so passionate about cooking and everything related to cooking!

I always had the knack to make something different and unique and present it in a very pleasing way since I was young.

My background as a weight management consultant and a nutritionist definitely helps me when creating a recipe as my recipes are nutritious and at the same time delicious !

As I’m a professional food photographer your recipes will be accompanied by a beautiful picture as well!

I offer natural-light images which will consist of flat-lay ingredient shot, two different angles of the final dish , implied movement or an action shot. I would love to produce images of your recipes for your website, blog or publication.

Food Photography & Styling

I am a freelance photographer specialising in food, food styling, drinks and products. Food photography is my passion and I love both the artistic and technical challenges in bringing a food scene to life to make it look so spectacular it would make one’s taste buds dance and to give the notion of the tantalising aroma of the food. I like to believe one would feel my food photographs from all human senses and not just the visuals. When it comes to shooting a menu at the the venue, I like to bring in the artistic nature to the images by including the ambience and the feeling that a person will get while looking at the image! wanting them to come and try out the food! I am amble to capture the movements inside the kitchen when you drizzle that oil over the dish and capture the sprinkle at the right time!


Product photography

I love to work with small businesses in promoting your products! I can create content for your food related and kitchen products. I can produce images that can be used in your website, print advertising or on your Instagram feed.

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