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I’m Nisha!

My journey started three years ago where I wanted to lose weight and live a healthy life style. I was almost hitting 80kg’s, and I’m only five feet tall.It all started when…

I just couldn’t believe where that led to. Now, not only I lost weight, but I have developed a passion for healthy eating and creating yummy healthy recipes. I’m ready to share my recipes with anyone who wants to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

I love everything about food photography and love photographing the food I make. I have an advanced diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management. If you are interested, I can help you achieve your dream figure, just email me at healthysutra@gmail.com.

On my blog, you will find quick and easy healthy recipes which not only taste good but also nourishes your body.

I am also a healthy recipe developer and a food photographer ! Before I turned professional, my work has gone through years of experimentation as a hobby. Through that I have developed and perfected the skills and techniques to cover a wide range of food, starting from raw ingredients, food preparation, styled plates and backgrounds, lighting, angles, and composition etc.

I love using real food, fresh ingredients and composing them in a well-thought manner to bring out the best in the dish. I like to use minimal props which will make the plate stand out and makes it appealing to the eye. I photograph using a mixture of natural light and constant lighting, to produce fresh and naturally lit images.

I have clients in London and Sri Lanka. My clients range from magazines to start-ups companies, and I am currently building up my restaurant food photography portfolio as well. Have a look at some of my work from the pictures in my website. If you think I can be of some help for your food photography needs, please check my portfolio and for my previous projects.

Now to a bit about my previous life ! Some may be surprised to know that I am a qualified Speech Language Pathologist ( Therapist) with a BSC and a MSc obtained from California state university, Hayward. I lived in California for a good 8 years and moved to London ten years ago! This move made me find my passion and gave me an opportunity to turn my passion in to my profession!.

Stay connected with me on instagram @healthysutra to get the daily dose of healthy sutra posts !!